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Everything we do is an experiment. Many organizers may come in and tell clients what to do, but I've found it fruitful to focus on what my client really wants. We then make some experiments that get us closer to what you want. I started my business physically organizing construction businesses garages, by just jumping in. My clients were often happy but, I felt like I was jabbing in the dark. Now I focus on clients desired outcomes, which allows me to both work more smoothly as well as pass on the skills for making spaces work for my clients, so they can make more of the difference they want to make.


I've propelled Families, Teamsand Individuals making their ideas happen in the spaces they live and work.


One family that I'm collaborating with virtually right is changing a pile of materials into an art and education location for spontaneous moments of inspiration. Not to mention clearing up their dining area so they can enjoy each other at meal. They have been training them about the brain and action has been enlivening their own communication.


That is what I'm in this for! You have ideas. I want to clarify them, and make them happen.


Adam Sparks Brechtel


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