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Kerri Stewart Bio: Since 2004, as a certified and successful business coach; international, award winning facilitator, Keri has trained and coached tens of thousands of employees at all levels. Leaders, managers, supervisors, and salespeople, front line employees have been trained in the areas of leadership, communication, customer service, consultative sales and persuasive presentations. She works with her clients to create a unified company vision and operational plans for all employees to understand how they contribute on a daily basis.

Her training programs improve communication, increase sales, boost employee productivity and focus on elevating customer service. Keri's delivery style is highly energetic, enthusiastic, with plenty of stories woven in to demonstrate the concepts. Her clients span many industries including a national laboratory,
manufacturing, scientific, underground mining, commercial real estate, mortgage, construction, technology, industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and financial institutions. 

Companies who work with Keri benefit in three areas: 

1. Focus

2. Accountability

3. Results

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Keri Stewart, CPBC
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