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I hate writing bios. I hate talking about myself. But my best friend told me I had to at least write a blurb and I totally trust her (afterall she is named in my Will as a Pet Agent for my pup should something happen to me) so here I am begrudgingly blurbbing.


I Heart New Mexico. Even so when I was growing up I wanted to hit the big city just as soon as I was able. So once I graduated from Sandia High School I moved to NYC and got my undergraduate degree in Political Science. After graduation I stayed in NYC and started law school. But when I came home to NM for a summer internship after my first year and got engaged the time was right for me to come home to New Mexico.


We got married and I finished up law school at UNM, graduating in 2007. Three years later my mom, my only parent, died unexpectedly and, because of a lack of this kind of planning, the decisions about everything from her funeral to her finances fell on me, her only child.


Over the next several years I went though a divorce (very amicable; I mean how many people can say their ex-spouse is their Medical Proxy!?), tried on about 6 jobs in 8 years, which included working for 3 state agencies and 1 U.S. Senator, bought a house by myself for the first time, adopted my pup Penny and added the rescue organization I adopted her from to my Will for Planned Giving, helped close friends with the twists and turns of their own lives including the best friend who made me write this, and ultimately started and continue to run a successful law practice.


Through it all one of the biggest lessons I have learned is that legal strategic planning is an excellent tool to help us through the heartaches and headaches that accompany the uncertainty of life. Especially right now.


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