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The Resource Gallery is comprised of sponsors, broken down by area of specialty, who are dedicated to providing the HR community with quality products and services.

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Legal & Legislative Services

IB Workplace Investigations & Consulting 

Accounting Services


Healthcare/ Wellness Services

CVS Minute Clinic


 New Mexico Health Connections

New Mexico Health Connections is a physician-led health plan committed to keeping New Mexicans healthy.

  • We are a health plan focused on the well-being of patients by making sure care is coordinated at every level.
  • We are focused on serving individuals, small businesses, and large businesses across New Mexico.
  • We are member-driven. Any profits we make must be reinvested into expanded benefits or lower premiums for our members.
  • We recognize that our members like and trust their doctors and that a strong network of primary care providers is critical to ensuring the good health of our members.
  • Our priorities are keeping people healthy, lowering premium costs, and delivering appropriate levels of care at the right time to keep you home and out of unnecessary hospital stays.

We will provide community-based case management to ensure our members are well cared for.



Dental Benefit Program Director

Phone 801.930.0510

Dental Benefit Program offered through the Dental Cooperative:

 The Dental Benefit Program is a ‘non-insurance’ alternative method of paying for dental services.  It averages 20% off the dentist’s full fee schedule and discounts every procedure.  Best of all , there is no cost for the employee to participate and no cost to your company to offer it!  Your employee pays no monthly premiums and no annual fee.  There are also no restrictions such as a maximum benefit or waiting period.  To get started with the Dental Benefit Program, call our team at 1-888-397-6453.



 Por Vida Therapeutics

Por Vida Therapeutics is a locally owned and operated network of massage therapists that specialize in the chair massage for events and corporate offices. The therapists in Por Vida Therapeutics are all sole proprietors of their own private practice that build their own clientele through events with Por Vida Therapeutics.  



 Business Services