IB Workplace Investigations & Consulting

Services Include:

  • Employee Disciplinary Issues
  • Harassments Complaints
  • Whistleblower Issues
  • Officer/Board Misconduct
  • Other Employer/Employee Issues
  • Workplace Mediations
  • Recommendations on Relevant Policies
  • Analysis of Fact Issues Regarding Legal Claims
  • Finding of Fact & Application of Employer Policies and Procedures

I have over 36 years as an employment and labor lawyer. I investigate in a non-lawyer capacity and assist employers through challenging issues.

Danielle Gutierrez

Benefits and Compensation Manager, Tricore Reference Laboratories

Alicia Kirson

Ricki Davis

Nikki Flermoen

HR Manager, Spine Solutions, Inc.

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Jill Avey

Owner, Southwestern HR Consulting

Jordan Streu, MBA

Human Resources, Gap, Inc.

Naomi Serna-Olander

HR Director, ARCA