Mock Interview Assistance Needed at Manzano

1/26- 1/28

Manzano APS is beginning to solicit volunteer interviewers to assist them in a huge mock interview event. Volunteers need to agree to these terms, Business partner guidelines. They are asking for your help with the mock interviews or to help recruit interviewers, and they would appreciate you sharing this opportunity with anyone who may be interested in volunteering.  


"The goal of Mock It Till You Rock It! is to provide students throughout New Mexico with the opportunity to enhance their soft skills, and to help reduce the stress and anxiety that may surround a young person during their first interview, whether it’s for college or a career. We hope to boost confidence by acknowledging strengths during interviews, along with providing constructive feedback in a low-stress environment."

Business Partner Guidelines:

COMMIT- To stay during interviews in the library on a date (1/26, 1/27, or 1/28) from 8-12 pm.  

PREPARE • Provide positive and constructive feedback on resumes, interview skills, and professionalism. • Share tips and best practices for first-time job seekers. • Communicate the importance of first impressions. 

INSPIRE • Share personal experiences with youth participants to motivate and create confidence. 

If you know anyone interested in volunteering, please have them complete this form to sign up! image-20211220095337-1.pngimage-20211220095337-2.pngimage-20211220095337-3.png

Manzano APS is planning a 3-day event where AVID, DECA classes, and any student interested will be scheduled to attend mock 1-1 interviews and receive constructive feedback and reflection.  This will be a great time to incorporate resume-building, and dressing for success into a real-world experience they can learn and grow from.  There will be a huge Albuquerque Youth Job fair in February 2022, and this event will prepare them to attend the job fair and land a job because they have acquired the soft skills needed to seal the deal.  The set dates/times are below.

Day 1- In Library

Wednesday 1/26/22

Period 3. 8:27-10:15 Avid 9 (29 total students)

Period 5. 10:21-12:05 Deca 1 (31 total students)


Day 2- In Library

Thursday 1/27/22

Period 2. 8:27-10:15 Avid 10 (36 total students)

Period 4. 10:21-12:05 Avid 11 (25 total students)

Period 4. 10:21-12:05 Deca 2 (21+8 total students)= 54 total for 4th


Day 3- In Library

Friday 1/28/22

Period 3. 8:27-10:15Avid 12 (23 students)

Period 3. 8:27-10:15 Deca I (35 students)= 58 total for 3rd

Period 5. 10:21-12:05 Open to individual students who schedule or need to make up a missed interview (35 slots)


We look forward to bringing this event to Manzano, and we know this will be a great learning experience for our students in their quest to become college and career-ready.  


Resources for the Big Day

For more info, please see


January 26th, 2022 12:00 AM through January 28th, 2022 12:00 AM
12200 Lomas Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112
United States